The Wicked Woods Music Festival NEWSLETTER

Cozy Camp: Tips for creating your wicked home base

Hi, everyone! Rave Mom here with some tips and tricks to make the most of your wicked home in the woods. With just a month away from Wicked Woods 2023, we want to make sure you’re feeling right at home when you arrive and set up camp.

Picture it now, you’re on your way back to camp laughing under the moonlight as you follow the lights of the trail. Once you enter the sea of tents and campers, you can’t seem to find your home base. When you set up camp it was daytime and you had no idea what you were in for headed back after a night of dancing. The campground is packed with camps sporting fun signs and mascots, there’s colorful fabric blowing in the wind, and lights all around. After wandering around bewildered for what seems like forever you finally stumble upon your camp but things don’t seem as bright and fun as they did at the stage. You begin thinking about all the funky ways you could be marking out your camp so you can quickly identify your home base.

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive! When you’re out shopping in the weeks leading up to a camping festival, it’s a great idea to keep an eye out at different places for some of these inexpensive items. Dollar stores and hardware stores usually have solar trail lights and battery powered string lights. Really, any outdoor safe lighting can be used. Consider upgrading to a solar power bank for powered lights. Remember, no generators allowed at camp! Consider marking out hazards such as tent strings and poles that are anchored to the ground that may trip or clothesline you. There are so many creative and fun ways to safely light your camp to create comfort and good vibes. I’m looking at you battery powered flamingo light string 👀 In addition to lights, signs or mascots at the entrance to your camp, or even on the hood of your car can serve as noticeable markers that will help you find your way back to camp.

Beyond lighting, creating cozy vibes at camp is easier than you think. Fun and colorful tapestries are a great addition to any home base. You can drape them over your tent, string them up between trailers for extra privacy, or use them to create a cozy private living room by wrapping them around a pop-up gazebo. Having some shelter to chill under doubles as a place to catch some “me time” and a place to stay dry when we’re blessed with some rain in the valley. To make the inside of your gazebo living room even more cozy, try bringing a small plastic table and a camping rug, or even an old house rug – keeping in mind not to bring any glass and to always pack out what you pack in.

Now that your camp and hang out area is bright and cozy lets talk about keeping things tidy. To ensure you’re not attracting unwanted camp visitors who may be lurking in the woods, never leave food or snacks laying around camp, even if you’re close by. Pack food into sealed containers and consider locking it in your car when you leave camp at night. We’ll dig into more tips about respecting your natural surroundings in another post very soon titled Bear Aware. Remember, we’re visitors in bear country and we have to respect these majestic beasts and all the other animals who make wicked woods home year round!

One super important thing to note is that Wicked Woods does not allow renegade stages on site. We have 4 amazing stages packed to the brim with diverse music and entertainment for you to enjoy. As a courtesy to your fellow campers, please ensure any music at camp is kept to a reasonable level so that folks who are at home base relaxing can enjoy their ear break.

We hope the tips above have helped spark some creativity for decorating your own camp.

Love, Rave Mom 💞