Saunas & Showers - Wicked Sauna Bathing & Reset Experience

The Nordic Spa

Visit the Thermaculture area featuring saunas, an outdoor shower, firepit integration, & stretch area.

This experience will get you back on the dance floor in no time or get you ready for a restful slumber.

Prepare to
get sweaty

These saunas are hot! Increased circulation experienced in a sauna helps with muscle recovery, eliminating inflammation & headaches, and aids in reducing soreness and joint stress.

Woman relaxing in the Thermaculture sauna

Experience provided by

Outdoor Shower

Enjoy a refreshing cold shower between each round

Saunas & Showers - Wicked Sauna Bathing & Reset Experience

Connect, integrate, & hydrate. Drink tea & cacao with friends old and new.

Massage Guns

Indulge in the stretching equipment and massage guns provided

Man who enjoyed a Wicked sauna

Come in … Feel better

Two women who enjoyed Wicked saunas

Leave Refreshed and Relaxed