Get Directions

At The Gate

As you enter onto the grounds off the highway, you will be greeted by our Wicked Woods Volunteers. Be kind and courteous to one another. Everyone is doing everything they can to get you through as fast as they can! 

To speed up the process, have your ticket, government issued ID ready to go and fill out the waiver from the QR code displayed in the parking grounds before getting to the gate attendants. 

If you are arriving on Wednesday for early entry pre purchase your ticket. This will make the process seamless and soon you will be beating the dancefloor with your feet!


Check out our parking map below! There is ample space for parking. You must have purchased a parking pass to park in the Raven Lot or Juniper Lot, otherwise your vehicle/RV will be directed to the Free Parking Zone. But don't fret, it is a short 15 minute walk from one end of the grounds to the other by using our lit up walking trails. 

The Free Parking zone is a great place to keep your car while you find that perfect spot to pitch your tent!

If you have purchased an RV pass, you do not need to purchase a car/truck pass for your towing vehicle. There is a small RV Pass (20' or less), a Large RV Pass (21'-40' including RV and Towing Vehicle) and a Super RV Pass (Over 40' including RV and Towing Vehicle).  


Wicked Woods offers amazing camping spots with incredible views! Find that perfect spot to soak in the vibes for 3-4 nights of fun! We encourage you to convoy with your friends to guarantee camping together as the camping is a first come first served basis. There will be no reserving spots.

This Akisqnuk unceded territory is loaded with treed camping. Perfect for tarps and hanging decor and making your camping spot your home for the weekend. Please be respectful of the land and leave no trace.

Wanna camp with your vehicle, no problem!

We have wicked vehicle, RV, and tenting camping spots close to the festival or in the quieter neck of the woods. Check out our camping page for more information.



We offer camping for everyone! We have a reserved accessible camping zone that has power and is close to all amenities and stages. The grounds are pretty flat through the downtown area, so it is easy to get around. Please fill out the accessible camping form to reserve your space.  
Contact us.

Cleaning Up

Let's keep this unceded territory at it's natural state. We can all do our part by properly recycling our waste, separating our cans/bottles, and properly disposing of batteries/canisters/glowsticks/cigarette butts. We have separate interactive recycling bins for all mentioned above spread out through out the grounds. 

Get a reward by helping pick up garbage from the grounds and bring it to the recycle station during the day.

Grab a WW's pocket ashtray from our merch stores. Drop Beats - Not Butts

Packing Up

We all know that saying, "Pack out what you pack in"

There is a transfer station 2 minutes up the highway if you need to dispose of any large items. As much as we would love your tents and broken chairs, we have no dry place to store them. Please bring any discarded items/garbage/recycling to appropriate bins on your way out. 

Drive Safe

Let's face it.....3 nights of music can be tiring. Keep yourselves and others safe on the drive home. Make sure you have an adequate amount of sleep before hitting the highway. Music ends Sunday at 1:00pm, if you need that extra sleep we ask that you use the extra time on the grounds to do so. Everyone will be asked to leave Monday morning. Take your time on the way home, have a co-pilot if you can, switch off driving. We care about you and the community! Have fun, but be safe!