Harm Reduction

Health, Safety, and Harm Reduction Services

We take our communities’ health, safety, and wellbeing seriously here in the Wicked Woods. We know that some circumstances can make festival environments feel overwhelming, so we have developed comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure every facet of Harm Reduction is addressed in an effective manner.

Harm Reduction is an incredibly important and detailed aspect that represents the key to making good times exceptional; both an action word and a way of being connected with each other. This discipline is centered around meeting the various needs of all attendees, as well as respecting and understanding the nuances of consent, boundaries, and celebrating the word NO. Health, Safety, and Harm Reduction are services that focus on the importance of being prepared for unforeseen circumstances and having the equipment, personnel, and expertise to respond accordingly. Our policies support informed decision making, reducing risks, and taking the time to care for ourselves and for each other. There is an opportunity in every interaction to co-create a safer and healthier environment to work, live and play. Practicing self-care and being vigilant when looking out for each other’s wellbeing while we enjoy the festivities are vital to making sure everyone has a wonderful experience. We encourage you to take time to care for yourself and others when the need arises. Here are some basic suggestions to always consider:           

  • Hydrate
  • Eat
  • Sleep/Rest
  • Are you too warm or too cool?
  • When was the last time you took a deep breath?
  • Do you need to stretch your body?
  • Are you feeling safe and supported?
  • Have you checked in with your friends?

We are here for you, come by and take a moment to see what we are all about. Medical, Security, and the Sanctuary are located across the street from the food vendors and right beside human resources. Look for the red cross and purple cross on the map. We provide protective and judgment free spaces held by caring peers and professionals to access for support.


Feeling overstimulated, experiencing heightened emotions, or needing someone to talk to happens. Working through a difficult experience can be part of the journey. Set and setting are everything in these times and although challenging, these moments can present an opportunity to lean into the potential of a supported experience. The Sanctuary is intended for folk seeking a supported retreat during substance induced challenges or just needing a calmer area. We are very aware that sometimes past experiences can be triggered and need to be supported in the present. We also acknowledge the importance of having somewhere to go if you are not feeling safe or if you are witness to something you feel is not safe for someone else. Please come see us if you have any safety concerns for yourself or our community during the festival. We are open 24/7 through show time.



Our medical services ensure the safety and wellness of those on site. We collaborate with contracted medical direction to increase the scope and quality of care as well as recruit those whose skillset is in higher levels of emergency health services. We feel confident in our medical services and believe that we will be able to respond effectively to any situation that may arise for the duration of the event.



Our outreach team are stoked to be out and about! Our mobile harm reduction will be on dance floor, wandering the paths and in camping areas. Find us with our purple shirts. This purposeful team will have eyes on the party with your safety and good time their priority. They will be carrying substance use supplies, ear plugs, condoms, naloxone, and candy! Please approach them for assistance at any time. We can also accompany you back to camp, to medical services, or to the sanctuary.





We’ve found the best of the best when it comes to security services that are able to level with and meet those on site where they’re at, and de-escalate situations effectively. Their presence brings a feeling of safety and protection. We ensure that any behavior that falls outside our code of conduct be dealt with appropriately and effectively, so all those attending can feel comfortable on site. Please feel free to approach our security team at any time during the event.




The incredible folks from ANKORS will be on site to provide drug testing and other services; directly applying their mandate to work from a wellness model, through support and advocacy; harm reduction, prevention and education; delivery of programs and services that are client-centered and focused on the whole person; and partnerships with others.

Fire Suppression


We’re bringing some of the best in private and event fire suppression. Our team has experience responding to unforeseen events or emergencies that may come about. Please do your part to decrease fire risks on site. Campsite fires are prohibited. We have pocket ashtrays and butt recycling receptacles on site for your use.