Wicked Woods couldn’t run this festival without all of our crew! Volunteers are a big part of our foundation for the growth of this magical event! There are many diverse opportunities for you to grow with us that I am sure we can fit your talent in the right place! Wicked Woods acknowledges your valued time and would love to offer you the following for completing 3 x 8hr shifts (for most departments)

  • Your entry to Wicked Woods Music Festival 
  • Extra early entry onto grounds Tuesday,  Sept 6th before the public arrives, so you have first pick for your perfect campsite on these breathtaking grounds. 
  • Free car pass
  • 1 meal per shift (required to be used the day of your shift)
  • 1 shower per day of shift
  • Wicked Woods Crew Memorabilia
  • Mucho Gratitude from WW Music and Art Society and a great team to work with!

All you need to do to join our crew is to fill out the volunteer form, our volunteer coordinator will try her best to fit you in.If you are interested in the following departments, please apply below! 

**Please Note: If you are interested in joining Sanctuary, First Aid or Security, please apply under the Health and Safety Application**



I have training in one of these special areas.

  • Carpentry Skills 
  • Electrician
  • Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Hospitality

Send us an email explaining your skillset in any of the above roles. We would love for you to join our crew!


The amazing performance arts ❤️

Lavina Turner

Friends, great location, weird things and amazing lineups!!!!!!

Mama Jenn

The best and raddest of the festival crews! Still small enough to be intimate but big enough to meet new people everyday!

Lindsay Campbell

The people, their outfits, decor and of course the site itself